March 26, 2017 Jekyll Island - MickeyRountree

March 26, 2017 Jekyll Island

I managed to drag out of bed at 5AM so I could be in position for sunrise at the driftwood beach on Jekyll island. This is about a 1/2 mile long section of beach with hundreds of dead trees and it faces due east, so it is perfect for sunrises. On the morning I went, I was in place by 6:30 AM just as the blue hour started. There were only a couple of other photographers and plenty of beach so it wasn't a problem. Also high tide was almost in so there were some reflections. The only downside was lots of gnats, mosquitoes, and "no-see-ums" that seemed totally oblivious to my insect repellent. I shot for about an hour or more and my hands and arms were covered in bites. But it was worth it. If you are ever in this area, plan on shooting a sunrise here.