June 12, 2017 Charlie Kristine - MickeyRountree

June 12, 2017 Charlie Kristine

Today I got the chance to shoot with one of the models I have been wanting to work with for years. I was able to catch her on a trip while she was travelling from Nashville to Atlanta.

I captured some headshots for a couple of my PSC newsletter articles using my take on Peter Hurley's headshot setup, and my new flourescent ringlight, and also some pinups and some images to experiment with on new techniques.

Charlie is an amazing model and moves fluidly from pose to pose quickly and effortlessly. We accomplished a huge amount in good time, and toward the end of the shoot we were into that rhythm where pose changes and shots were clicking away almost every two seconds.

The only thing that made it a less than perfect shoot was that one of my 25 year old White Lightnings Ultras finally bit the dust. In the process of failing, it somehow managed to upset the communications with my other strobes on the Cybersynch transmitter and receivers. Fortunately I had a backup strobe and got it swapped out and then went old school with slave eye triggering for my other lights. 

The most difficult part of the shoot is yet to come, because there were very few less than good pictures out of several hundred. Just doing pick and rejects will be a struggle.