July 1, 2017 Perry's Water Gardens - MickeyRountree

July 1, 2017 Perry's Water Gardens

For the last three years, the first week of July I've gone with friends to Perry's Water Gardens in Franklin, NC. Usually this time of year the large water lotuses are in bloom along with a wide variety of water lilies. The downside is that the first week of July is always hot and humid, and this year was no exception. Two years ago we visited in a moderate rain, and I got some of my favorite images from there, as well as getting my first chance to shoot with the umbrella bracket I designed and built ( See the articlefor directions on how to build one). We were hoping for some rain, and the forecast looked like rain, but it wasn't to be this year.

Even though there was no rain, and I didn't get the classic frog on a lily pad like last year, I did get a few flower shots that I liked and even one quick dragon fly shot. 

Like most of our regular shoot locations, this one includes a favorite place to eat. Fat Buddies in Franklin has some of the best short ribs anywhere and wonderful desserts. It's a regular stop anytime we're in the area.

The rain that we didn't get in Franklin caught us as we were on Hwy 64 along the Ocoee river. We were caught in a thunderstorm with torrential rains that made visibility bad, even with wipers on high. Then as we got close to the Cleveland bypass, we found Hwy 64 totally closed in both direction to 3 feet of flood waters across the road. After a couple of false starts we were able to find some back roads and make our way home.