Feb 18 2017 Pulaski - MickeyRountree

February 18, 2017 Pulaski, TN

Today I went to Pulaski, TN with Bill and Lora from the PSC. We went to attend The Old Theater Shoot in the historic Antoinette Hall Opera House located above the STAAR Theater on the Pulaski Square. The 1868 Opera House is in need of restoration and the proceeds of this event go toward the restoration. Doug Wong, this year's 3CT President organized the event, and arranged for a couple of models.

Before the shoot we met with Doug and shot around the town square and had lunch at a great restaurant a block from the theater. 

Once the theater shot began, we shot using window light in one of the front rooms until the sun was too weak. I took the opportunity to play with my location kit of Yongnuo speedlites. They performed well, but it was a challenging shoot for a couple of reasons. The main hall is structurally weakened by a previous fire and there are large steel tension cables criss crossing the stage and floor. Also the hall is DARK - cave dark! There were some work lights so we could move around safely, but they really limited the choice of shots. Also since speedlites have no modeling lights, it was a challenge to get good focus in the darkness.

Our models, Laura and Mia were great to work with and definitely made the trip worthwhile.