May 22, 2016 B-29 - MickeyRountree

May 22, 2016 B-29

On May 22, 2016 I went down to Birmingham  to get some shots of the B-29 "Fifi", one of only two B-29's still flying. Fifi was scheduled to do two flights that day, so I was hoping for several opportunities to catch her in flight. I talked with some of the crew, and they directed me to a nearby hillside that would have a good view of the runway they would be taking off from. I got there and was joined by several aircraft photographers. As we were waiting, one photographer noticed that the wind had shifted and they were taxiing out to a different runway. We all jumped in our cars and sped off to another viewing area about two miles away. We got in position just in time to catch the takeoff as she flew almost directly overhead. As it turned out, that was our one and only opportunity as the second flight was canceled.

Also flying that day was the P-51 "Gunfighter" and a Stearman Biplane. There was a also "Bucket of Bolts", a C-45 which is the military transport version of the civilian Beechcraft Model 18 first built in 1937.

We had nice clear blue skies with a few white puffy clouds foer a perfect background. The only downside to the day was that I left home in a hurry and forgot to bring a camera strap. After holding a Canon 7D Mark II and a 100-400mm lens all day my wrist was ready for a rest.