March 1 and 2 2016 St. Augustine - MickeyRountree

March 1 and 2 2016 St. Augustine

On March 1, from St. Marys I went on down to St. Augustine. Ihad been to St Augustine once before, but had not been during nesting season at the Alligator Farm. Some of my favorite places to shoot around St. Augustine are the Castillo de San Marcos, a large fort right downtown, and Fort Matanzas which is about 20 miles out of town. The Bridge of Lions is beautiful at sunrise, and at dusk I like shooting at the quirky Magic Beach Motel at Vilano Beach.

The Alligator Farm is world famous as a wading bird rookery. The alligators eat the snakes, raccoons and possums that would normally raid the bird's nests, and so there is an unusual symbiotic relationship that draws great egrets, crested and green herons, cattle egrets, showy egrets, roseate spoonbills, wood storks and others in large numbers.

In March most of the birds are courting and nest building, but I did see a few nests with eggs. Because the birds are constantly flying in search of nesting materials, there are great opportunities for bid in flight pictures. The Alligator Farm offers an annual Pass for photographers that includes early and late hours at the best times for photography.