June 16, 2016 Nashville Boat Races - MickeyRountree

June 16, 2016 Nashville Boat Races

This was the first year that Nashville has hosted Powerboat racing. There were classes for Formula 1, tri-hulls, and junior hydroplanes. The races were run right downdown between the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge and the Jefferson Street bridge. Most Formula 1 races are held on lakes so the turns are wider as is the whole course. Because of the dimensions of the river, this is the tightest course they run all year, but even so the Formula 1 boats come out of the turns and accelerate to 130+ MPH. The tri-hulls are not as fast or aerodynamic as the formula 1's and they do a lot of slamming and banging in the turns and have a tendency to get airborne as they accelerate on the straights. The slowest class is the junior hydrfoils, but these young racers are working just as hard as the faster boats, and many of the top racers started their racing careers here.