February 18, 2016 Trees - MickeyRountree

February 18, 2016 Trees

I had been in Dayton scouting some photo locations and I crossed the Hiwassee on highway 60 heading toward Hwy 58 and the PSC meeting. On the right was a large stand of tightly packed pine trees with the late evening winter sun skimming across them I was instantly drawn by the light and patterns and stopped for a few quick shots.

Later Note:

One my "rules", which I am often guilty of breaking, is "when you see a shot, take it now". So many times we pass a scene repeatedly and think it would make a great shot, but we don't stop. Then one day, that wonderful shot isn't there anymore. In this case I was out in the same area with some friends in December 2016, and I suggested we get do this shot as the light would be about right. But we passed the area without seeing the trees before we realized they had been harvested and there was only a bare field there. SHOOT THE SHOT NOW.