December 16, 2016 Museum of Appalachia - MickeyRountree

December 16, 2016 Museum of Appalachia

On Dec. 16, 2016 five of us from the PSC went to the Museum of Appalachia to shoot it when the cabins and buildings are decorated for Christmas. The decorations are simple and tasteful in keeping with the time period of the exhibits.

The day was cold; temperatures were in the mid 20's and never warmed above freezing while we were there. Part of my purpose for the trip was to experiment with clothing for colder weather. I had fleece lined pants, Freehands photographer's gloves and a hand muff with handwarmer packs inside. The gloves were OK for short periods, but having the heated hand muff to periodically rewarm my hands really helped. It also helped to go inside for lunch at the museum's restaurant. The food was good as always, and there was a very large fireplace with a roaring fire.